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Design IP Sharing and Chiplets





Half day, 10:00 



Room 4


It is hard to overestimate the value of design IP exchange as it allows research teams to share their expertise and resources to create more advanced and innovative devices. In the meantime, IP sharing through chiplets and 3D integration is getting traction with the promise to reduce costs and improve performance in various application areas. This workshop will provide a thorough overview of existing software, hardware, and cutting-edge techniques enabling chiplets and 3D integration. It will also focus on the opportunities and challenges related to the Open-Source Hardware scene and present the roadmap for establishing a European design IP exchange repository. In the European semiconductor market, IP sharing and heterogeneous integration are now strongly supported by the EUROPRACTICE service. Since 1995 EUROPRACTICE has provided over 600 academic institutions and 300 SMEs in Europe with a full range of services to design and fabricate electronic components and systems, including design tools, fabrication technologies, and training courses. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the panel discussion at the end of the workshop, where experts in the field will share their vision about lowering the barrier to sharing design IP.


Romano Hoofman, Natalia Belova (imec, BE)

Romano Hoofman is Strategic Development Director at imec.IC-link since 2016. He is currently responsible for the innovation programs of the unit and for the coordination of the EUROPRACTICE Service. He started his career in industry, where he worked as a Principal Scientist at Philips Research and later on NXP Semiconductors. He covered many different R&D topics, ranging from CMOS integration, advanced packaging, thin film batteries, photovoltaics and (bio)sensors. Romano received his PhD from the Technical University of Delft in 2000, where he investigated charge transport in semi-conducting polymers. He has authored more than 30 publications and holds more than 10 patents in various research areas.

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