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Presentations should be prepared in PowerPoint or PDF format, using the available presentation template.

Presentations and questions must be delivered in English, as English is the official language of the Conference.

The duration of a regular presentation is 20 minutes including questions and answers (Q&A) after the presentations (17 min talk + 3 min Q&A).


Timing is crucial at ESSCIRC ESSDERC 2023 and, therefore, we kindly ask you not to go beyond your time limit.

Keynote speakers (Joint Plenary Keynote and ESSDERC/ESSCIRC Keynote) have 40-min slots including Q&A.


Speakers must send their presentation by XXXX, 2023 to their respective Session Chairs, who will review it and suggest improvements.

Speakers must, then, send the final presentation, reviewed by the Session Chairs, by XXXX, 2023 by e-mail to the email address: xxxxx@xxxx

The e-mail subject and the presentation file name must contain the correct Paper ID.

At the Conference all speakers will find their presentations on a dedicated computer in the Session Room.

An assistant will be available to show how to use the computer to run the presentation.

Speakers will not be allowed under any circumstances to come with their own laptop. It will not be possible to connect it.


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