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Wednesday, September 13,

17:50 – 18:50
Auditorium I

This edition of the conference is mostly focused on the thematic “Semiconductors for an Electrical and Digital World” and it will be co-organized by NOVA School of Science and Technology of NOVA University of Lisbon and the Centre of Technology and Systems (CTS) at UNINOVA Institute, together with the University of Seville and the Institute of Microelectronics of Seville (IMSE-CNM).


These Iberian co-organizers are lead institutions in their countries and the South of Europe in research and development in Microelectronics and we think that the EU Chips Act is a great opportunity to address how this funding program is running in Portugal and Spain. We firmly think that our countries must contribute a lot to reinforce the Microelectronics industry in Europe, promoting education activities to motivate young engineers to work in chip design and attract talent to the semiconductor industry. 




Andreia Cathelin

Technical Director and Technology Fellow at STMicroelectronics and General Co-Chair of ESSCIRC-ESSDERC 2023




Jaime Martorell

Comisionado Especial para el PERTE de Microelectrónica y Semiconductores, Spain

Javier Calpe

Design Center Manager at Analog Devices, Valencia, Spain

João Varela

University Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, Researcher at LIP & CERN and CTO of PETSYS, Portugal


Joachim Burghartz

Director of the Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart, IMS-CHIPS, Germany

Diogo Vaz

Semiconductors Specialist from the Portuguese Government


António Grilo

President of the National Agency for Innovation - ANI


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