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D4: European strenghts and gaps in emerging semiconductor technologies


Dissemination Workshop


Half day, 13:30


Room 2


International cooperation is key for speeding up technological innovation, and will allow to strengthen Europe’s position in global value chains in this area, which is one of the objectives of the EU Chips Act. This SINANO/ICOS workshop will gather an overview of the main EU and International activities in leading countries in the field of semiconductors, with the most promising technologies for possible international collaborations. In particular, the future technologies in advanced computation and future technologies for advanced functionalities, covering smart sensors, smart energy, energy harvesting for autonomous systems and semiconductor-based photonics will be presented and discussed by renowned experts.


Francis Balestra (SINANO Institute, FR)

Leo Saint-Martin (DECISION, FR)

Georgios Fagas (Tyndall, IE)

Roel Baets (University Gent, BE)

Francis Balestra has been Director of several Laboratories. Within FP6, FP7, H2020 and Horizon Europe, he coordinated several European Projects (SiNANO, NANOSIL, NANOFUNCTION, NEREID, ICOS) that have represented unprecedented collaborations in Europe in the field of Nanoelectronics. He is member of several European Scientific Councils, of the Advisory Committees of International Journals, of the IRDS International Roadmap Committee, and founded or organized many international Conferences, and has co-authored a large number of books and publications. He is currently Vice-President of Grenoble INP, in charge of European activities, and Director of the SiNANO Institute he founded 15 years ago.

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