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T1: Radiation Hardening Techniques for Space Grade ICs





10:00 - 12:30



Auditorium III


In this tutorial an overview on radiation effects on semiconductor components will be provided under the perspective of CMOS design to mitigate hard errors like latch-up or gate rupture and soft errors (bit upsets and transients). The main radiation hardening techniques, both at circuit and layout levels, will be described with a focus on standard cells, memories (SRAMs and NVMs) and analog components (ADCs and DACs). Testing techniques under irradiation to verify effective hardness suitable for space applications will be described for TID (Total Ionizing Dose with Cobalt 60) and SEE (Single Event Effects with Heavy Ions).


Cristiano Calligaro (RedCat Devices, IT)

Cristiano Calligaro received the laurea degree in Electronics Engineering and the Ph.D. degree in Electronics and Information Technology Engineering from the University of Pavia (Italy) in 1992 and 1997 respectively. After obtaining the Ph.D. degree he moved to MAPP Technology. In 2006 he established RedCat Devices srl as a start-up. During his career he has been involved in memory design (volatile and non volatile) both for consumer application (multilevel flash memories) and space applications (rad-hard memories) and software design for SEE/TID evaluation using open source EDA tools. His current research interest is focused on rad-hard standard cell libraries to be used for rad-hard mixed signal ASICs, stand-alone memories (SRAMs and NVMs) and testing methodologies for rad-hard components. He holds more than 20 patents mainly in the field of multilevel NVMs and is co-author of more than 60 papers and one book (Rad-hard Semiconductor Memories, River Publishers). He has been coordinator of RAMSES and ATENA projects inside the Italy-Israel Cooperation Programme, SkyFlash project in the European FP7 Programme, EuroSRAM4Space project in the Eureka Eurostars Programme and RADPROM project funded by Italian Space Agency (ASI). In 2019 he co-founded BlackCat Beyond as a start-up company focusing on silicon dosimeters for medical  and space applications. He is IEEE Senior Member and Eureka Euripides reviewer.

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